The Just Now Orchestra

What we do: We create new music, live, on stage, in the moment. We listen to each other’s listening.

How we do it: We blend simple chord structures with evolving rhythms and loop samples, brass, and spoken word. We borrow freely from jazz philosophy (improvisation and spoken brass), folk structure (repetition and rhythm), and slam poetry. Our songs take shape through feedback and gradual growth.

Who we are: Alex Pergament (guitar), Nick Afflitto (trumpet), Zach Herchen (sax), Benedicto Figueroa (vocals), Rashad Wright (Vocals). We are often joined by: Ariel Guidry (vocals), Ezenwa Wosu (vocals), Maxwell Feinstein (guitar), Jerry Ramos (drums)

Where we play: Mostly Jersey City.


There is nothing to prove and no one to prove it to. Measure success by how attentively we listen. The “performance” is seeing the act of creation, rather than the act of performance.