After School Orchestra

Honest musical improvisation.

The After School Orchestra creates music on stage that has never been made before.  We practice the art of discovering music live.  The musicians add blocks, individual ideas, in response to one another, and fit the pieces together through feedback.  As musicians layer additional blocks, the song structure and content grows.

We think the audience listening is as important as the musicians playing.  The musicians play by listening, so too does the audience.  Appreciation can be a powerful instrument. Share everything. Touch everyone.

After School is a live collaboration.  The show is the building (v.) not the building (n.). 

We borrow freely from jazz philosophy (listening and improvisation, sometimes loosely structured, sometimes not), folk structure (flow through repetition, rhythm games), and improvised and slam poetry (words, cadences, subject-matter). 

At After School, there is nothing to prove and no one to prove it to. The measure of success for each of us is how carefully we listen to each other, and how well we can clarify and communicate each other's ideas. The “performance” is seeing the act of creation, rather than the act of performance.

Regular members of the After School Orchestra:

Alex Pergament, Nick Afflitto, Rich Jedrzjek, Zach Herchen, Rashad Wright, Benedicto Figueroa, Michael Rodgers, Ariel Guidry, and Ezenwa Wosu. We have also featured Maxwell Feinstein, Jordan de Liso, Jerry Ramos, John Fathom, Cherry Yu-Chi Yu, and Miguel Peralta, Jr.